Meg: Ganesha, Keys

Episode 4: Meg: Ganesha, Keys

Meg McNeal joins the podcast today for a wide-ranging conversation that includes misadventures in the jungle, a beloved family heirloom, a broken necklace and missing keys

Show notes

On the show today is Ellyn’s very good friend and upstairs neighbor Meg McNeal. Meg is a longtime educator, yoga teacher and Jane of all trades who’s lived in New York since 2010.

The wide-ranging conversation takes us on a tour of topics - from why Williamsburg doesn't meet our childhood expectations to life in Brooklyn to moments of fate on a whirlwind trip through the jungles of Costa Rica. Meg also has a knack for spotting keys scattered throughout New York City, and for her, they serve as more than just forgotten objects—they're symbols of being on the right path. Join us as we delve into Meg's unique perspective, where even the smallest details hold profound meaning in the chaotic tapestry of city life.

Editor's note: Ellyn mistakenly said the type of tree in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" was the Tree of Life. This is incorrect - it is The Tree of Heaven.

Produced by Ellyn Heald, edited by Martin Kemp for Radio Free Rhinecliff



Meg McNeal

Meg McNeal

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